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Obstructive Sleep Disorder Treatment

Better sleep leads to a healthier life. Commonly people have obstacles that keep them from getting adequate sleep which leads to more stress and a less healthy life.

We can help you sleep better and safer which will improve many aspects of your life. The first choice for most apnea cases is a continuous positive airway pressure device or a CPAP device. Unfortunately, a significant number of people do not reach successful treatment with this device due to an inability to tolerate the device while sleeping. For these cases, an oral appliance is the solution.

Our office has the most current training on how to evaluate your specific needs in order to select the best appliance for your case.

We will work with your medical insurance company to make this appliance affordable.

If you have been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea but can not tolerate your CPAP machine, please call our office for a consultation to assess which oral appliance will work best for you. This will be a custom appliance that will fit specifically to your teeth and mouth making it much easier to wear and be able to sleep safely.

If you have not been diagnosed with Sleep Apnea but have any of the following indicators, please contact our office so we can do a screening and start the process of getting you to a board certified sleep physician.

Indicators that you may be developing sleep apnea:

  • Snoring
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Ability to fall asleep frequently throughout the day for short periods of time
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Men with neck size larger than 17” - Women larger than 16”
  • Chronic Irritability

Oral Appliances are highly successful in treating this condition and allow you to sleep in any position without noise from a machine. They travel well and they don’t have cords or attachments that inhibit your comfort level.

Please contact our office at (423) 884-2300 and request your complimentary sleep obstruction screening.

For more information about oral appliance therapy, please click the link .

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